Resources for Clinicians

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT Made Simple, by Russ Harris

Learning ACT: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists, Steven Hayes, Jason Luoma, and Robyn Walser.

Mindfulness for Two, Kelly Wilson


Grief & Loss

Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief, Klass, Silverman, and Nickman, eds.

Counseling Strategies for Loss and Grief, Keren Humphrey

Disenfranchised Grief: New Directions, Challenges, and Strategies, Kenneth Doka, ed.

Grief Counseling & Grief Therapy, William Worden

Techniques of Grief Therapy: Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved, by Robert Neimeyer, ed.



In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, P. Levine and G. Mate

The Body Remembers, Babette Rothschild

Trauma & Recovery, Judith Herman

Waking the Tiger, Peter Levine